How to sign a message using a bitcoin client
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This is a way to prove you do possess a particular walet. 

You can sign any message using your private key, creating an encrypted string - a signature. You then send the original message along with the signature (please make clear what is and what isn't a part of the message, and be aware that every character, including spaces, tabs and line breaks, is a part of the message).

We can then verify whether the signature was created using the private key you claim to own.

The message to be signed should express your request.

You can do this using one of the modern wallet softwares. You can take a look at our tutorials for MultiBit or Bitcoin-Qt

Before sending us your signed message please try if you are able to verify it. For example here:




Start by choosing a wallet and copying its address to clipboard. 


Then choose the menu option 'Tools | Sign Message Sign Message'.



Enter the address and the message into the appropriate fields and press  Sign Message Sign Message.






Choose a wallet from Receive wallets and click Sign message



Enter the message into the appropriate field and press Sign message. The signature will appear in the Signature field.

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Comments (19)
14.12.2014 01:28:12
thanks this was really helpful
Hani Boss
03.01.2016 10:39:49
Sarah Coleman
21.04.2016 22:49:35
how to sign with multibit hd
Martin (Support)
22.04.2016 09:23:17
Hi Sarah,
In order to sign a message, please follow instructions on the link below:
12.05.2016 17:26:14
how to sign bitgo ?????????????
Martin (Support)
15.05.2016 18:04:56
Hi hesam, please try to contact their support.
Joao Oliveira
05.07.2016 17:43:13
What about
Martin (Support)
07.07.2016 07:48:19
Hi Joao, is not a wallet, but if you mean then it is possible, please find out more on the link below:
11.12.2016 10:20:26
the above link is not working. support please post new link want to sign a message.
Neli (Support)
12.12.2016 10:36:22
Hello Kuldeep, you can try link:
Ridho Fernandez
06.07.2016 07:42:24
how can I get the application or as shown above, please provide information as soon as its
Martin (Support)
07.07.2016 07:44:46
Hi Ridho, can you please be more specific? Do you need to unlock the wallet with signature obtained from Multibit or Bitcoin-Qt? Or another one?
Ahmed Jadoon
06.07.2016 17:12:53
Is it possible with Coinbase wallet or BTC-E exchange?
Martin (Support)
07.07.2016 07:31:40
Hi Ahmed,
It was possible with Coinbase wallet some time ago but it looks like it is not possible anymore. Always good to ask their support own support.
Raanan Nevet
14.07.2016 09:29:04
is there an alternative way for wallets like greenaddress?
Martin (Support)
14.07.2016 13:33:20
Hi Raanan, there are many wallets out there. Feel free to try either hardware wallets like Trezor or wallets like CoPay, Mycelium, or
21.07.2016 13:26:35
Please i try doing the message signing on my xapo wallet but could not find the link. Is it possible with xapo?
Martin (Support)
26.07.2016 10:15:45
Hi, I would recommend you to ask their support if it is possible. Find the support link below:
Muhammad ridha
02.08.2016 22:41:41
Sangat keren
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